It is a conversation had by employers and hiring managers all over: It is difficult to find good people these days. With the “skills gap” growing larger and larger for manufacturing and skilled trades, employers are considering less-than-qualified candidates for general and managerial roles. How do you get in on that action if you’re one of those “less-than-qualified” folks? Get noticed through these simple, zero-talent-required (but highly desired) traits:

  1. Arrive on time- This is a simple one, but something that can set you apart (good or bad) from your peers at work. Arriving on time to events, appointments, and even work can be a struggle for some (we all know that person!) but reliability is a trait that is highly sought after . Being punctual is not a matter of talent or skill, but rather the importance of your time and your respect for others’ time.
  2. Attitude – This goes along with another recent blog post, but attitude is everything! Having a more open-minded approach to work tasks or responding positively to constructive criticism will take you far in any organization. While most might become deflective or defensive when receiving  constructive criticism or in a group discussion, being able to respond rather than react is an important distinction.
  3. Being flexible- Many employers have to be “reactive” to the needs of customers, clients, or business climate. Sometimes, that means quickly changing gears, completing a special project, or working extra hours. Chances are, your manager is stressed about some of these changes in workload- being flexible and supportive during these challenges is a great way to get noticed!

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