Company History

It was a sunny September afternoon in 1998 when two friends and co-workers at a locally-based staffing company went to lunch at a well-known taco place (their favorite lunch spot at the time). The wiser of the two suggested they open a staffing company of their own and the younger of the two responded with a fairly immediate… “LET’S DO IT!” In October of 1998, Affinity Personnel Solutions was founded. APS has now been serving Western New York for more than 20 years. The wiser man is even wiser, but the younger man is no longer young!

In 1998, gas was $1.15 per gallon, the average new car cost $17,200, postage stamps were $.32, the US had it’s first budget surplus in 30 years, Google was founded, Titanic reached the box office, and Judge Judy, Friends, and Everybody Loves Raymond were released on television networks. So many more pop culture references could be made but the point is: 20 years is a long time; and APS is still here and still placing people to work in all types of positions.

We wanted to be different. Our business is all about people. Our philosophy is to treat everyone with respect and dignity. We try to match each person with a position that is right for them and for our clients. Nobody wins when a placement is a bad fit; we never pressure anyone to take a job that is not right for them. For our clients: we won’t just send a body to fill an order. We will interview, screen, qualify and evaluate our candidates to try and match the best candidate for each job. We understand that most people want work with the opportunity for permanency and job security, so we focus our business on those types of placements: we are NOT a temp agency, but rather an employment agency.

We have invested heavily in state-of-the-art industry software and have created a large digital recruiting footprint through the use of online job boards, social media, etc. We have over 30,000 people in our database with thousands more connected to us through social media.

Employment law, employment practices, and third-party employment regulations can be complex, so every one of our recruiting staff has obtained the professional designation of Certified Staffing Professional (CSP) from the American Staffing Association, our industry’s leading trade group.

We would love for you to contact one of our recruiters to discuss how our team and service is different! Let us assist you with job placement, or help your company find the right candidate for your open positions.

Twenty years have come and gone… we can’t WAIT to get started on the next twenty!!