If you have been faced with the difficult task of JOB HUNTING in the last few years, you may have noticed that the game has changed considerably. The days of meeting someone in person, shaking their hand, and discussing a job have been replaced with hours of online job boards, re-formatting your resume, creating cover letters, etc.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed? You’re not alone. We have had conversations with dozens of applicants about the pains of the “job hunt”. Some have even admitted hesitance to schedule an appointment with us because they did not yet have a resume put together. However, if someone is applying to work general labor, skilled trades,or another position in the industrial realm… is a resume really necessary? Sometimes.

As an employment agency, our job is to assist companies in their search for qualified candidates. Sometimes, we find them through resume databases. Other times, they come to us. While some applicants have very detailed resumes, others may have a vague recollection of the various companies they have worked at over the years. As recruiters, it is OUR job to ask questions, dig deeper, and get better insight into your skills, work preferences, and capabilities in order to make employment recommendations. Will a resume help with that? Yes, mostly because it makes the job a bit easier. If you don’t have a resume, no need to stress…but be prepared to discuss your employment history in detail. The more information and insight you can provide on you previous employment, the better!

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