As a job seeker, there is nothing more frustrating than a bunch of closed doors. The rise of job boards and online recruitment platforms has made it easy to apply to jobs, but what about the rest of the hiring process?

Whether you are applying to an employment agency or directly with a company, a recruiter is likely handling your resume. What is the best way to follow up on that submitted application?

1. If there is a phone number, call first

If you have questions about the role, whether your experience matches up, etc, try to call and speak to your recruiter first. Building a relationship with the recruiter is always the first step; creating an initial connection can go a long way!

2. Respect your appointment time

This really should go without saying, but appointments are made for a reason! Sometimes, interviews with employment agencies aren’t regarded as highly as traditional interviews. However, an appointment was scheduled for a reason. Perhaps the recruiter you’re meeting with will be visiting a client at a certain time, or has other scheduled tasks to handle. It can also be viewed as a test: your ability to arrive for an appointment can  determine whether you are able to show up to work on time. 

3. Be transparent

Interviewing with a recruiter isn’t just a “test” of your job knowledge or experience. This is a time for you to ask questions, learn more about the process, and express your desired outcome. Providing more concrete information about your skill set, pay expectations, and work preferences will bring your recruiter on the same page.

4. Ask for help

If you feel unprepared for an interview, or your resume needs some help, ask for it! Recruiters are your “gateway” to employment leads- it is in their best interest to help you. The more we know and the better we know you, the more we can help!

5. Continue building the relationship through communication

Whether you received a job immediately or not, continuing the relationship with your recruiter is always a plus. By maintaining that relationship, you could open doors down the road that aren’t even on your radar, or have another resource if you need an employment reference!


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