When it comes to job hunting, most would agree that interviews can be nerve-wrecking. While meeting complete strangers you are expected to  dress for success, be informed, and sell yourself (but not too much). Your main goal is to land a job, so it makes sense to answer interview questions according to what the interview want’s to hear, right?


Providing “socially acceptable” responses in an interview rather than revealing your true opinion is called Cultural Noise Bias. Interviewers should be trained to look out for these kinds of answers, for good reason! The interview is a “meet and greet” opportunity to determine best fit for both you and the company. Presenting the interviewer with little “white lies” is not the way to start a business relationships for two big reasons:

1- You may be selling yourself into the wrong role.

During the interview process, you are under pressure to “sell” yourself by presenting your skills and connecting with the interviewers. However, this is also a time for you to put your detective cap on and try to learn as much as you can about both the role and the company! The interview may be your only opportunity to get a glimpse of the company culture, atmosphere, and the personalities of your co-workers. This is the time for the company (and for you!) to determine “best fit”; why start off by trying to appease someone you wouldn’t actually enjoy working with?

2- Interviewers can smell it a mile away.

If you are spending your time talking in a circle to give an answer you think the interviewer wants to hear, they will know about it. This will affect your credibility! The interviewer could assume that you didn’t prepare for the interview or that you lack the genuineness they are seeking.


Interviews are more about creating a connection. Don’t foil your chances of getting a job because you are nervous and fall into the cultural noise bias. Instead, communicate your nerves! Everyone has been there and the right company will help you along in the process!


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