Erie, Pennsylvania was founded on industry. Take a drive down West 12th to the area commonly known as the “12th Street Corridor” and you’ll see rows of huge, brick industrial buildings. Each one of these buildings tells the story of over 1,000 people who work in this small cluster of shops and foundries. Across the nation, traditional manufacturing like we find in the Corridor accounts for 12% of the GDP (gross domestic product). What about in Erie? According to the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry, traditional manufacturing accounts for 22 % of our GDP! The key to keeping manufacturing strong in Erie is the ability to adapt. We don’t know if we’ll be producing locomotives for much longer, but that won’t stop Erie’s industry. Since 2015, electronic and computer products have been a growing industry in Erie. In fact, this sector grew by a whopping 340% in Erie since 2015!

So what does this mean for you, the job seeker? It means that manufacturing jobs are not going anywhere and the need for skilled workers is bigger than ever. If you’re looking to get into the electronics industry, try applying for entry level positions in the field. An entry level position is a great way to start gaining experience. They’re also excellent for those looking for a career change but are not able to go back to school!

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Statistics sourced from: Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry.

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