While it’s always a good idea to take time to reflect on your career choices, the key to success is meaningful action. Being overly detail-oriented can put you at risk for being stagnant in your professional growth.

As you embark on your next career move, here are three signs you may be overthinking your decisions and what to do about it.

Negative Thoughts

If you’re constantly doubting your thoughts and choices, there’s a good chance you’re filling your mind with unnecessary negativity – which can prevent you from making any progress at all. While it’s normal to be nervous about a career change, constantly feeling pessimistic can prevent you from taking action.  You can combat these negative thoughts by re-framing your perspective. Think about how you can do something, rather than why you can’t.

Endless Research

Researching your career options is always important; however, endless research can cause inaction at its finest. If this is the case, limit yourself to researching up to three different options related to your career goals and interests. Once the research process is completed, take a day to evaluate your findings and commit to taking a course of action.


Whether it’s avoiding applying for a new job or neglecting to update your resume, procrastination can often result from fear and anxiousness. If you find yourself overwhelmed by your to-do list, make a plan to break up your schedule into smaller tasks. Completing individual tasks this way will make it easier for you to get them done.

Spend Less Time Thinking and More Time Acting!

Neglecting the signs above can result in you derailing your own success and wasting precious time. By being honest with yourself and taking calculated risks, you can carve out a path that will put you on the best track to meet your career goals!

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