Today’s college graduates are in a pickle: they need a job to gain experience but they also need experience to get the job! While education and internships are helpful, they often don’t compare to real world work experience from an employer’s perspective.  Working through college can help with this problem, while earning some money! Here’s how:

1. Gain work experience

Ideally, you should try to find a part time job in your related field that will work around your class schedule. For example, if you are a business student you could find a job as a part time administrative assistant or data entry clerk. Or maybe you’re studying to be a Plastics Engineer and get a job at a plastic shop after class to learn the industry from the bottom up. Or perhaps you want to be a Veterinarian and find work at a kennel on the weekends. Even if you aren’t able to find a job in your industry, some job experience is better than zero job experience!   Maybe you want to be an accountant, but the only job you could find is a part time grocery store cashier. Think about how the skills you learned there can translate to the job you dream of having.

2. Show initiative

Multi-tasking and time management are two desirable skills that don’t always come naturally. Getting to your classes with all of the work completed can be difficult enough, but add in a job and an activity or two and now you’ve really got your hands full! While at your job you can try to take on increased responsibility or ask if you can be cross trained. Employers love to see that you can manage your time well and that you are willing and able to learn.

3. Keep student loan costs down

The cost of college tuition has more than doubled in the last twenty years. Unfortunately, this trend shows no signs of stopping with more projected increases in 2019. While some students are lucky enough to have a college fund, many are not and rely entirely on grants, scholarships, and student loans to pay for college. Before you take out those loans, remember that someday not so far away you will need to pay them back. A part time job can help cover the cost of tuition, books, and other related expenses.


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