Temporary employment has seen quite the increase in the last couple of years. Employers in various industries are hiring temp workers and contractors to fill positions for a few weeks or months at a time. Many of these positions can be temp-to-hire: you begin on a temporary assignment but are hired as a permanent employee if you perform well during the temp phase.

Hiring temporary employees makes a lot of business sense for many organizations, especially those operating in the healthcare and retail industries. Most of those sectors see an increase in business at least a few times a year and need more resources to meet the demand. A great example of this would be retail stores hiring temporary workers for the holiday season.

So, how exactly do you turn a temporary job into a permanent one?

Think Of Your Temporary Position As A Much Longer Job Interview

While you may have aced the interview and got yourself a temporary position, it shouldn’t stop there. Being a temporary worker means you already have a foot in the door, but make sure you see this temporary position as a much longer job interview.

You should work hard to earn points with your employer every chance you get. When the time comes for your employer to retain some of their temp workers, your name should be high on that list.

Be a Successful Temp Employee

The very first step is to treat your temporary position as if it were a permanent one. Some qualities employers look for are being committed and dependable.  Arriving for work a few minutes earlier or volunteering to say later can go a long way in turning a temp job into a full-time permanent position.

Let Your Employer Know

There is no easier way to land a permanent position than letting your employer know you are interested. How do you ask for a full time position? Simply have a meeting with your manager or supervisor and let them know you would like to keep working for them.

If you don’t express your interest, there is no way they can know about your intentions; so make your wishes known.

Apply For A Permanent Position

Many companies have internal job posting that any temporary or permanent employee can apply on. See if your skills match with any of the open positions, get your resume ready and apply. Being a temporary worker does not mean you are of lesser value. Temps work just as much as permanent employees and have just as much experience.

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