If you’ve ever used an online dating service, chances are that you’ve been ‘ghosted’ at least a few times. Ghosting happens when you’re chatting with someone, everything seems to be going great, but then out of nowhere they stop talking to you. They completely disappear, as if they were a ghost (yep, we went there). Dating is hard enough, so this is extremely frustrating! In our current high-stakes job market, ghosting has worked its way into the professional world. This goes both ways, as employers and employees alike are capable of ghosting. Here are the two types of workplace ghosting.

1. Employer Ghosting

So you applied to a job, had an amazing interview, and things seem promising. Weeks go by and you haven’t heard from them. If it seems like the employer is dodging your phone calls, try sending a follow up email. They may just be busy and an email is a quick and easy way for them to reconnect. Just make sure you aren’t harassing the employer with frequent calls, emails, or visits to the office. If months go by, it’s safe to assume the position has been filled.

2. Employee or Applicant Ghosting

As recruiters, this is a very frustrating part of the job. We frequently have interviews with great, qualified candidates who are eager to get to work. As soon as a few hours later, they have disappeared! We also receive countless applications and resumes from people who do not return our calls to come in for an interview. You may have a number of good reasons: finding a job elsewhere or perhaps a personal issue came up. No matter the reason, you should always be courteous! It takes very little time and effort (especially in our digital age) to pick up the phone  or send a message to say “Thanks, but no thanks”.  This simple act both reinforces your professionalism and keeps a bridge open for future options.


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