The Holidays are a busy time for everyone. Between buying gifts, visiting loved ones, and cooking up a feast the job search often takes a backseat. Many people assume that employers are not hiring during this hectic time, however, many companies are still hiring throughout the month of December! While some industries definitely do slow down during this season, other industries thrive. Some industries (especially in the industrial and manufacturing sectors) are nonstop year round. For example, we need energy to be produced year round, whether it’s at a hydroelectric plant or a coal manufacturing company. And if you’re looking for temporary or seasonal work, December is one of the best months for this type of work.

While other job seekers are focusing on pies and presents, you can give yourself an edge! Less competition makes you more likely to stand out and you may get more attention from recruiters who are receiving fewer applications than usual. Best of all, you’ll be one step closing to crossing off ‘Get a Great New Job’ on your New Year’s Resolution list!

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