In a fast-paced industrial work environment, workplace safety is a number one priority. In order to prevent/reduce workplace injuries, it is best practice to maintain a thorough Injury Prevention Plan (IPP). Regardless of company size or industry, all employers should have some sort of structured plan. Confused on where to start? According to OSHA, a strong IPP consists of the following sections:

Management and Employee Involvement

Leadership and employees need to be involved in development and implementation of the program from the ground up! Having a written safety and health management system is crucial but it does not end there. A strong IPP should have accountability at all levels, and ongoing employee involvement to improve processes.

Worksite Analysis

Creating and maintaining a strong IPP means that you should always be aware of the challenges in your work environment. Create a baseline hazard analysis, analyze significant changes, and perform routine inspections to ensure all information is accurate. This section should also include the process and timeline for: hazard reporting, hazard tracking, accident/incident investigations, and routine inspections. A trends analysis of this data will accomplish accountability and predict future issues.

Hazard Prevention and Control

The best angle at combating workplace injuries? A strong prevention program! This section your IPP should outline a disciplinary system, emergency procedures, detail preventative maintenance, recordkeeping, etc. Most importantly, this is the area to highlight any and all personal protective equipement (PPE) regularly used.

Safety and Health Training

Your program should include requirements of both management and employees: will you require quarterly safety meetings? additional training for certain jobs? Certifications? Additionally, your delivery method of the training should be outlined in this section.


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