We have a lot of respect for other staffing firms. Some have the ability to send you out to work TODAY or TOMORROW when you needed a job yesterday. Our staffing agency cannot always deliver in this “instant gratification” manner because we operate a little differently. Rather than providing temporary staff for short-term projects, APS is focused on partnering with companies to make long-term, permanent hires to their staff. If you put in an application to register with us in either Erie, PA or Buffalo, NY you will meet with an experienced, Certified Staffing Professional to gauge your skillset and preferences to help make the best employment match. Here are some ways you can help in that process:

Arrive on Time

We schedule appointments in our office to ensure a recruiter is available to meet with you. We are respecting your time and we ask that you respect others time. By arriving late (or not at all) you are taking away a time slot for another potential applicant! Bonus tip: arriving on time for an interview or job application shows both punctuality and responsibility before you are even offered a job.

Provide Details

In the application, you will find our skills sheet and a section for past employment history. If you don’t have a resume, this is the perfect place to detail your previous work experience and skill set! Quite often, we will receive an application with hardly any information written in these areas: no dates, no information on job description etc. We understand it can be cumbersome to write all of this information down (particularly if you have put in numerous applications recently or have a lot of job experience to reference) BUT skimping out on these areas is only doing you a disservice. It is our job, as an employment agency, to get your foot in the door with one of our companies. However, we cannot do our job properly if you aren’t giving us the ammo we need to sell your resume!

Keep in Touch

After your interview, some things may have changed. Maybe you moved, changed your phone number, or perhaps your job search might have changed a bit. It is so important to maintain regular contact with our staffing agency. On a weekly basis, give our branch a call to touch base, give us any updates, and let us keep you in mind as new positions arise (because they change often!) If we haven’t heard from you in a few weeks, we will assume you no longer need our help in your job search.


If you’re seeking meaningful work in your field, call APS! Our agency focuses on long-term permanent jobs in Buffalo, Tonawanda, Cheektowaga, and other outlying areas.


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