We’re all guilty of a little white lie or two, but your resume is one place where you should be totally honest. When you lie about or exaggerate your abilities on your resume, you’re not only wasting the employer’s time, you’re wasting your own time as well. Trust us, the truth WILL be revealed at one time or another! Being dishonest will only make matters worse for you and may cost you the job. Here are some common things that applicants fib about on their application or resume:

Reasons for Leaving

So you got fired. Maybe it wasn’t your fault…or maybe it was. If your reasons for leaving are suspicious or vague, your previous employer just may be called to confirm what happened. This is why it’s always important to leave on good terms- even if you hated the job or your boss wasn’t the greatest.

Skills and Work Experience

Are you really fluent in Portuguese, skilled at AutoCAD, and a pro at using a circular saw? The interviewer will most likely see through your façade at the interview. Some employers even have simulators or tests to prove your skills during an interview. If you someone manage to get past the interview and be hired, what do you expect will happen your first day on the job? You will be asked to do the job you were hired to do and it will be obvious that you lied about your skills and will lose the job. Lying about your skills and work experience is a lose-lose situation!

What you really Want

A lot of people come in to apply and claim that it doesn’t matter what the job is, as long as it’s a job. Do you really want any job? If you take the first job that you can get, how happy will you be a week down the road? A month? A year?  If the job isn’t what you really want, you’ll be unlikely to stay long, which hurts both you and the employer. Don’t sell yourself short- go for the job that’s the best fit for you. We’re here to help you do just that.

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