The decision to further your education is a big one. It’s important to weigh all of your options, including the often overlooked trade schools. There is a school for just about everything, from plumbing and electrical, to hairdressing and administrative work! Here are a few reasons why you should consider a trade school.

Less  Overall Cost and Time to Graduate

The cost of the average four year degree has risen exponentially over the last several years. Remember, four year colleges all have a required “core curriculum” that includes math, history, language arts, science, and religious studies if it’s a private or school. But what if what you want to do doesn’t involve Chemistry or European History? One of the reasons a trade school costs less is because it cuts out the extra stuff and you get just what you need. Of course if studying these core subjects is important to you-even if you won’t use them- then by all means you should study them! Just make sure you are fully aware of the cost and what it means to take out a student loan.

The Convenience and Flexibility

While some degree programs are more flexible than others, trade schools are more likely to be designed with the working student in mind. Most trade schools offer both day and evening classes, allowing you to work when you need. Plus, the programs have standard outlines, meaning you won’t be stuck waiting for that one class you need to graduate that’s only offered every other year. If that’s not enough, the locations are also far more convenient. College campuses can be like their own town, but trade schools are usually in one easily accessible building with a parking lot.

More Jobs Readily Available

With unemployment at an all-time low, there is a dire need for skilled workers. The manufacturing field in particular is urgently looking for skills like machining, welding, electrical, and maintenance. These are things that you can’t learn at University. These are also things that society can’t live without. With our current skilled workers retiring, who will fill these roles in the next decade? Will it be you?

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