Artificial Intelligence or “AI” is popping up everywhere we turn: it’s in our phones, our televisions, even our kitchen appliances! Some companies and job board platforms are even using AI in their recruiting and hiring processes. According to a study done by CareerBuilder in 2017, over half of Human Resource Managers said that AI would be a regular part of their recruiting process within the next five years. On the surface, this seems like a brilliant idea. Why sift through hundreds of resumes looking for that one qualified candidates when a computer can do that for you in a matter of seconds? As a recruiter, this sounds too good to be true- and it is! Take global giant Amazon for example: A few years ago, they implemented an automated recruiting process to filter resumes to only show the “best” candidates. Unfortunately, they started to notice a trend: the software preferred male resumes over the female resumes. Thankfully they scrapped this idea and improved their software once they discovered this. Read the full story using the link below!

At APS Staffing and Affinity Personnel, we have no plans for replacing our recruiters with computers anytime soon! Each of our recruiters is required to become a Certified Staffing Professional, equipping them with the knowledge and judgement to fill each position with the most qualified candidate.

Source: The Guardian

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