Chronic life and work stress can lead to burnout. What does that look like? Burnout can include emotional exhaustion, feeling depleted, detached, and inefficacy in life and work. In our fast-paced, modern world it is safe to say that everyone experiences some level of burnout. These feelings can cause strains on relationships and create disconnect in the workplace. If you feel that you may be experiencing job-related burnout, it is important to address it! Here are some tips to help:

1- Practice self care

This may seem obvious, but it is often overlooked! In order to develop strong relationships in the workplace and in life, we must first develop a relationship with ourselves! Take some time for you by developing a new skill, taking a walk in nature , or disconnecting from electronics for a short while. Creating lifestyle habits that give you personal space and develop the mind are key to establish a resilient mind and mood.

2- Nurture relationships that bring you joy

Quality time spent in good company is soup for the soul. Take inventory of your relationships: who brings you joy? What experiences with them enrich your life? Are there some that add consistent stress or bad habits? We create a more mindful and satisfied life if we turn our sights inward to the people that bring us joy. Spend more time where it counts and create boundaries for everything else.

3- Improve your quality of sleep

Sleep is the root of our overall physical and mental health. When we sleep, our brain goes through cycles of converting short memories to long term, detoxifies, resets inflammation, and so much more. If our quality of sleep is lacking, our brain is not able to reset! You could¬†literally¬†be bringing yesterday’s stress into a new morning. The first step to good sleep hygiene is a routine: create a ritual that allows your body to unwind. Dim the lights, disconnect from electronics, light a candle, listen to white noise, read a book.. whatever gets you into a calm, relaxed state!

Burnout can seem inevitable with our modern lifestyles and work demands. Creating a lifestyle that is centered around self-improvement and mindfulness can help build resiliency when high-stress times come knocking.


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