As recruiters, it’s our job to ask you questions about your work history and career goals. Some of these questions may be difficult for you to answer. And, while we want you to be honest, there is a right and wrong way to answer certain questions. One of the most common questions we ask applicants is “Why did you leave (insert company name)?”.  Sometimes your answer is easy, such as “I was laid off” or “I got a great pay raise elsewhere”. More often than not, there are a number of factors that led up to you deciding to leave the job. The most important rule when discussing this? Stay POSITIVE! When you talk negatively about a previous employer (even if they deserve it) you make your prospective employer wary. They are thinking, “Wow, this person will bad mouth me someday!”. Instead, find constructive ways to talk about the negative experience you had and how it mad you grow. This one little tweak could make or break the job offer! Trust us, we’ve seen it all (check out this previous blog post about a few of our job interviews gone wrong!

Next time you have an interview, keep these tips in mind:

Instead of “I hated that company!”, say “That company wasn’t a good fit for me.”

Instead of  “The pay was garbage!” say “I found a better opportunity elsewhere.”

Instead of  “My boss sucked!”, try these 5 tips from Glassdoor:



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