There is a big misconception that staffing agencies only have short term and low paying general labor positions. That’s definitely not true with APS Staffing! We fill a large number of highly skilled manufacturing positions in Northwest Pennsylvania. Currently in this country the number of skilled workers retiring far outnumbers the number of skilled workers entering the workforce. As a result, skilled workers are in high demand. And with high demand comes high pay. If you’re considering learning a skilled trade, below are our top three high paying skilled manufacturing positions. The best part is that all of these can be learned at a trade school. This means they will cost you far less money and take less time than a traditional college with excellent earning potential right after you graduate!

  1. CNC Machinist

Nearly everyone is looking for CNC Machinists these days! CNC stands for “computer numerical control”. These computerized machines can cut and drill parts far more precisely than if done by hand. Because these machines are computerized (and very expensive!), they require proper training and skills to be able to use them properly. A skilled CNC machinist can easily make over $20 per hour!  Read more about CNC Machining at

  1. Maintenance Technician

Everyone knows what Maintenance is, but did you know that there are several different types of maintenance? There’s Electrical, Buildings & Grounds, and Machine Maintenance just to name a few! Being able to open up a machine or part of a building, find what’s wrong, and quickly fix it takes a lot of skill and practice. The pay for skilled Maintenance Technicians is in the mid to high teens and up. While schooling is best, someone who is mechanically inclined may have the opportunity to learn these skills with the right employer. Keep in mind that you may need to invest in some quality tools.

  1. Welder

Just like maintenance, there are several different types of welding from MIG and TIG to Pipe and Spot. Welders (quite literally) hold the world together and for the foreseeable future will be in high demand. Good Welders can easily make over $20 per hour after gaining some experience. You may need to invest in some equipment for this job as well.

APS Staffing is looking to fill all of these positions and more in Northwest PA. If you’re not ready to work but are curious about learning these trades, we would be happy to point you in the right direction to find a local school. Call today to speak with a recruiter!

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