Unemployment is at a 50 year low across the country (See the full statistics at http://www.ncsl.org/research/labor-and-employment/national-employment-monthly-update.aspx). This means that the people that employers are looking for (you!) are most likely already working. Finding a job can sometimes feel like a full time job in itself, making it hard to juggle around already working. With a little finesse, finding work while working is possible. Here are some tips from our recruiters.

  1. Try to schedule interviews around work hours

Schedule your interviews for before or after work, on your days off, or on your breaks, if possible. If you absolutely have to interview during work hours, try to do so in the beginning or end of the work day, just as you would (or should, if you aren’t already doing so) schedule a doctor’s appointment. Just don’t have too many “doctor’s appointments” in one week!

  1. Be discreet

Don’t go blabbing to your coworkers about how many interviews you have and how you can’t wait to leave. You never know if the boss may overhear and then start looking for a replacement for you.  You may have an understanding employer who sympathizes with your situation and your reasons for needing a new job, but most of us aren’t that lucky. You also shouldn’t use work computers for your job search; that should be done on your own time.

  1. Don’t quit your current job without a guarantee

A great job interview does not necessarily mean a job offer. There could still be someone out there who’s an even better fit or who has more experience than you. Remember not to zone out at your current job either. Slacking off won’t get you the reference that you might need to get that new job, and may even cost you the job that you already have.

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