Your job search doesn’t end once the interview is over. There are a number of steps to follow even after your in-person interview. Even the smallest gesture can make a big difference when it comes to effectively selling yourself as a candidate and highlighting what makes you uniquely qualified for a job.

Fortunately, there are a many interview tips you can use to stand out from the crowd and make a positive, long-lasting impression on any employer.

1) Send a thank-you note

Though the last thing you may feel like doing after an interview is sending a thank-you note, it’s important to send a quick email note, thanking them for taking the time to meet with you by expressing gratitude to the employer. In this note, you should reiterate your interest in the position, clarify any answers you made that you weren’t happy with, and touch on a key point from the meeting that you’d like to discuss further. It will show you have business etiquette, which is vital for success in the workplace.

2) Follow up in an acceptable way 

If it’s been a week or more and you don’t hear back from your interviewer, it’s perfectly acceptable to follow up with them, whether via email or phone call. Calling the employer, rather than emailing them, will demonstrate a high level of professionalism and reinforce your interest in the company. However, if you were told to follow up via email, you shouldn’t call – and vice versa. Furthermore, it’s unwise to reach out more than once, to avoid coming across as a bother. In some cases, if you didn’t get the job, companies may not let you know directly.

3) Let your references know they might receive a call

Once you send the thank-you note, it’s also important to reach out to the people you listed as references and let them know they can expect a call or email from the hiring manager. That will help them prepare to put you in the best possible light when dealing with someone who’s considering hiring you.

Even if you think you knocked the meeting out of the park, proceed under the presumption you still need to look for work until a concrete job offer is in hand.

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