Staffing agencies and employers alike are experiencing a new trend: “No call No showing”. Of course, there have always been a few applicants here and there who don’t show. Life happens and we understand that! Today, 70% of all appointments that we make for interviews will not show up. Yikes! Being a “No Call No Show” is taking the easy way out, but remember that there are always consequences when burning bridges.

Here’s why you shouldn’t “No call No show” to your next interview (and especially your job!):

You might need the reference

Your job might not be the most enjoyable, or have the greatest pay, but every job is important. Even if this job is a stepping stone to something else, it’s extremely important to quit properly. When applying for you next job, employers will ask for references and -in most cases- they will call your previous employer. In professional careers, you often aren’t even considered without a couple of good reference letters.

You might want to go back someday

Maybe right now the job isn’t for you, but that could easily change in a few months or years. This is especially true when working with a staffing agency. You may walk off of one job in hopes of getting a different one, but not quitting properly will most likely make you ineligible to work with that agency again. Employers keep very detailed records and they will remember how you decided to leave the job. From the employers stand point, if you’ve done it once, you’re likely to do it again.

It’s just plain rude!

Have you ever been stood up on a date? That’s pretty much how your boss feels when you decide to not show up to work. In addition, the company is left shorthanded and unable to finish that day’s work. All it takes is a 1 minute phone call to say you won’t be in and give the employer some time to prepare. Wouldn’t you want the same?


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