If you have a new associate joining your team, you may already be in a time crunch! Maybe you’re in a busy season, or your current workforce is behind on production. Despite being short on time or resources, it is key to invest in a new staff member joining the team. In order to get the best value and effort from your new temporary (or temporary-to-permanent) associate, it is crucial to have a plan for on-boarding and training. Here are a few tips for a smooth onboarding process for your new team member:

Keep Everyone on the same Team

Building a team and overall culture that a new member wants to be a part of is the first step. There should not be a visible (or very apparent) divide between temporary and permanent staff. Take survey of your current staff: Are some of the more senior members welcoming to new reports? Are they a positive representation of your culture and business? If a new employee immediately senses a divide or dissension in their new work environment, it could alter the outcome of their trajectory. If management teams are able to communicate effectively and openly to establish a more open and welcoming environment, employees will take notice!

Have a Training Plan

Sometimes, companies are in such a pinch to hire, they bring new employees on before there is a training plan in place. It can be discouraging to start a new position and feel like a burden. To avoid this, help your new staff member feel like a  part of the team by being prepared! Set up an e-mail account, provide orientation and training documents, have a designated trainer, and introduce them to co-workers.

Check in Often

When new employees are adjusting to their jobs, they may not feel comfortable reaching out for help or guidance. Instead of waiting for an employee to present to you, create a “check-in” plan! Create a timeline of opportunities for a manager or HR person to connect with the new employee on an ongoing basis to set expectations and ensure timely feedback. It is usually advised to meet with a new employee on their first day, week, month, and third month. After that time frame, set a standard for annual check-ins (via an appraisal or review process) and communicate an open-door policy for all staff.

If you are adding to your staff or need some more guidance with onboarding procedures, contact Affinity Personnel Solutions! Our Certified Staffing Professionals are here to support your hiring process!


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